Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Getting Acquainted

I've never been successful at blogging.  Every year since I can remember, I've tried to start and maintain a blog.  My early days of blogging started on Geocities - a personal weblog platform that once existed way back during the good 'ole internet days at the time of AOL and internet dial-ups.  I was of course, in high school then, with none of the responsibilities I have now, so I had much more free time on my hands to write.  The same applies with Journaling.  My early years consisted of a hello kitty journal, complete with a lock and key.  I was eight years old. I wrote about everything - little moments, what I ate, who I saw, how I felt.  Then I stopped, because journaling no longer interested me in my early teens.  Fast forward to high school, I started again at 16, publicly through GeoCities. Once the doors closed on that, I went back to the good old fashioned way of writing - on paper, with a pen.  This time, my thoughts went on until I was 25, and then stopped abruptly.  I burned (more like destroyed) everything I'd ever written up until that point.  Since then, I pushed myself to write, but could never really figure out what to write about.  And now, just after my 33rd birthday I'm at it again.  How long will it last? Who knows!  Maybe I'll write about adventures big and small, just like I had done when I was eight years old, only now I'm married, living in suburbia with two dogs, a whole lot of laundry, and a husband I've adored since I was 19.


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